Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tah Dah

I FINALLYfinshed my top for my sil's bday next year! I did an extra row of sashing that needs to come off but I can forget about it till after the holidays. Snoopy dancing in NJ that's for sure. I really like the pattern and though not my first choice of colors, these strips from connecting threads were fun to work with and the colors kinda grew on my. Now I have a unopened pack and a bunch of leftovers from the other 7.

It was a glorious day for most of the day- I do believe we got to the high 60's so I took the Christmas pineapple and sat outside on the deck, hand quilting it. I got about half of it done and will work on it this weekend.

So as I was doing the tons of dishes this morning, I looked out my kitchen window to see......

I'm thinking she'd rather catch her own dinner :D


Kathy Wagner said...

Love your pineapple quilt Kim!
How are you quilting it??

Leah S said...

I really like how the white "geese" pop out. Mine looks more muddied in. :)

Helen in the UK said...

Love your quilt top and the colours are soft and comforting. Congrats on the finish to flimsey stage :)