Saturday, November 10, 2007

Simply Squares

I got up at 5AM this morning, why I have no clue. :(
So I finished sewing the sashing to row three of the pineapple blossom and all rows are attached for now. :) Now I have some strips leftovers that I can start some more blocks till the strips come - which I will use as a leader/ender project for the weekend.

But I decided to count just how many of the squares I had from Cyber Quilter's October mystery. I know, I know, I'm far behind but I plugged along and am finishing the last 8 of 108 blocks this morning . How cool is that??? This is my eq drawing of the design. The very best part of it is every piece of the blocks is from my stash. And I probably have enough black and white prints to make another one. Do you see why hubby wants me to use it all up???? Now I can piece tops till I use it all up but here's the problem, I have no heat in the detached garage and it's getting cold here in NJ. Too cold to be out there for long periods of time after dark when the temps drop and the the insurance companies have this great knack of calling in the 20-30 per day that I'm not here or outside or calling my cell when I'm driving and can't talk. If I use a space heater I blow fuses and have to go into my creepy basement to reset the fuse. Yuk!!!

The pineapple blossom one I "think" I'm going to hand quilt. We shall see after the holidays. Meanwhile I think I should stop this blog for now and get these last 8 blocks made so I can play with the layout and will post a pic of it later.....

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Mel said...

You can send them on down and I'll do them for you. :)
I have heat, plenty of heat. Matter of fact, the a/c is going right now. LOL