Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not getting the right stuff finished :(

I did sew the Quilt along blocks together this morning. :) Yesterday I saw 15 SB Sue blocks embroidered in pale colors that would go perfectly with these 30's repros. Do you think I can find them today to put in a container with the quilt along blocks?? Of course not :(

Haha !!! I found them *wink* I 'll figure something out to use these as centers of some blocks

So since the 30's stuff was out of it's box I finished another pineapple that was started.

I still need to sew together the bonus triangles into something. I might do a Depression Block this time *VBG*. We shall see. But alas I need to clean this mess up for tonight. When I get back from donating plasma, I have baking to do and basting of the Christmas Pineapple from yesterday. And of course I can't find my bonus hsts wall hanging to put borders on it. And Leah aka Wonder girl is done with her quilt AND quilting her baby quilt from the bonus hsts...Leah you rock!!!

I wish all my blogger friends a very Happy Thanksgiving. I know I have alot to be thankful for this year.


Greenmare said...

I like your 30's! I got into them when I was collecting them for a special baby quilt and I now have a second baby quilt almost pieced, plus enough blocks cut for a lap quilt and more leftovers for something else! I actually love that the scraps multiply!

Heather said...

Your pineapples look great!

I'm hand piecing a quilt using the same block you have in yellow/green/white: