Thursday, November 08, 2007

Great Mail Day

It was a banner mail day *VBG* !!! My friend Jeanne sent not one but two moda charm packs to play with inklingo with- thank you so much Jeanne. My god daughter sent the little butterfly embroidery kit cause she knows I love butterflies and didn't think I wanted to wait for Christmas :) Hubby bought the stack of 30's flower prints fqs ( what a guy , and also not in the pic I got the newest yoyo maker the mini one and the book they were talking about on Stashbusters, Slash your Stash from Claudia's Quiltshop.

It was a well needed pick me up after dealing with the personal injury claims person, another adjuster about the car etc etc. Hubby and I each have a different "take" on what the personal injury offer was so I need to call the nice woman back and get it in writing and have it looked at. It's not alot but it's something and the kids will have a little extra spending money. Seriously it's that little. Could I ask for more ??? Probably BUT I can just say I am so thankful they weren't seriously hurt. So if they get a small token from the other guys insurance - it's a bonus for them. Just give me a fair price for the car and pay the medical bills and I will be thrilled.

I did manage to keep the sewing area clean, finish piecing the third row of pineapple blossom blocks and the sashings. I even have it all pinned and ready to sew that seam and it's half done. Woo! Hoo!

After the adjuster left my frame finally arrived!!! But hubby still needs to put the nails in :( So how long do you think that will take???? I'm thinking maybe Sunday afternoon I better start doing the nails myself. What do you think??? LOL- men seriously -

The question of the week seems to be What's on Your Bed????
This a fall quilt I made hubby last year for Christmas in all fall hand dyes and batiks. He loves it, me I'm not sure it's how I wanted to come out -oh well. So tell me, What's on YOUR bed??????


Darlene said...

Great looking quilt on your bed.

Love the treasures you received in the mail. :-)

Mel said...

Hubby is a lucky guy that quilt is beautiful.

Mel said...

A store bought quilt. :( I really should work on the Grandma Cora for my King sized bed. But, my other list is too long. LOL