Saturday, September 04, 2010

really- I do quilt

I've been terribly busy with photography and trying to find a job all summer.

In June the state of NJ allowed the Civil Union of same sex marriages. My sister and her partner signed up the first day. SO all summer I've been working on this quilt. Their colors are black and white.

It was "supposed" to have a piano key border too but in following the directions in the book - or at least as I understood them I got a center 8x9 instead of 7x8. If I had put the piano key border on it would have been too big for my frame so......

There are a bunch of good pics on my photography blog- or on my facebook page for those that do the facebook thing :)

I also had a few friends pass away this summer from different kinds of cancers- some got quilts -some just went too quickly ( like in 6 weeks from diagnosis) seriously- it's all too quickly