Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sometimes you just make a mess

When you get into a funk from arguing with insurance companies and get lazy to put things away you're sewing area begins to look like this :( You are unable to find anything you NEED so it starts you to clean up the mess- A.D.D. or not.

( look!!! The supervisor is sleeping on the job-lol)

So between dusting the rooms and general clean up for my breaks I would sew a row for the bathmat from sew mama sew's blog of 30 days of holiday sewing. It's ok for a first one and I know how I want to improve it so life is good. I will try and use less colors for the nesxt one but since it was a proto type I'm ok with it.

And guess what???? In that mess was enough 12 1/2" strips from Connecting Threads to join the blocks for the third row of pineapple blossom AND join the row to the other two!!! Snoopy dancing!!! So three packs of the strips of 45 strips will make 21 blocks, sashing and extra pieces to start more blocks until the rolls hubby ordered to finish this quilt come in-I'm so excited!

But after alittle TLC it looks like it should *VBG*


Karen Dianne Lee said...

Kim that's so great. You got an extra treat for making the effort to pick up a bit. Extra 12.5" is bonus.

Love those pineapple blocks so I'm excited about that for you, too!

And I noticed the supervisor doing an excellent job. The ear will twitch when something needs to be addressed. They have that sense about them!

Cat Love, *karendianne.

Joansie said...

Kim, insurance companies are the most frustrating to deal with. They take your money for years and when it's time for a payout...they take their sweet ole time. As for your sewing've been down this road before and showed before/after pictures and you work miracles :>)

The Carolina Quilter said...

I just bought more plastic boxes for some of the mess I've accumulated at the shop and it didn't make a dent! I'm with you here.

Linda said...

Well that's good progress in the sewing room. I was looking at the bath mat and thought I'd give it a try, but bind it instead of stitching and turning, also thought I'd put some juffy grip on the back.

Jeanne said...

Nice surprise you found while straightening up the sewing area. I think the supervisor is on vacation or taking a long snooze break. I may have to try one of those bath mats, too. Sorry you are having so much trouble with the insurance company. I hope they shape up soon.

Sewbaby said...

Wow! You did a great job cleaning up!! You need to come to my sewing room.