Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shuffling Off to Buffalo- Again!

While waiting for the actual test to begin ( over 2 hours late) and while DD took the written exam I worked on more Amish Tumbling blocks. I "think" I'm attaching row 13 or 14 - Not even half way- but still working on it.

Suitcases are packed- laptop and Twilight Zone dvds packed, ipods, books and sewing for me- the last of the prepped tumbling blocks ready to be put together, the last few hexagons for the Irish Pub star wall hanging, the apple cores ( Hey Cathi- now how do I put the rows together? I have 2 almost completed.)and the wine feathered star to work on hand quilting so when I quilt my mystery, I can do hanging sleeves and binding .
I'm leaving in about 75 minutes for Buffalo with DS to see the school he should be going to. Hubby is taking us to see the Buffalo Bisons ( Met's farm team ) Thursday. There's a quilt store 1.5 miles from the house I'm hoping to check out :) we shall see. Be back late Friday night. Hopefully with a ton of pics for this blog and especially the flower blog. Going back to the Botanical Gardens with the new camera.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Catch Up

I quilted my butt off this weekend. Trying to finish quilting all the tops I had in the house before I have to return the borrowed juki.
I still have a small baby quilt ( the burger queen mystery) and a mystery wall hanging that going to live with Paula when it's finished. But I don't think it'll happen till I get back from Buffalo Saturday. No time today- gotta get DS and myself packing. Tomorrow DD has state board testing for her cosmotology license and I'm her manaquin- so we leave early and get home late as the test is in Trenton :( Bringing my Amish Tumbling blocks to work on while she takes the written part of the exam.

A year or two ago Amanda Jean did a quilt along. I made all the blocks and there they sat. :(
THen she did another one that I didn't play in but I used her alternating blocks for this quilt along. It's going to a friend for a couch quilt.

I finally finished my ocean waves quilt. I love how it came out. I'm thinking of doing another one with Cindy's pattern.I guess she didn't post it there yet but I saw a great pic on one of my yahoo groups....I only have gagillion hsts ready to go.

After a very long time I finally finished the last of 4 love quilts. I'm waiting for the family to call me back so I can deliver them all- hopefully today.

Just need to sew the binding down on the quilt for my aunt with breast cancer.

I totally blame Cathi for this mess :)She has a great tutorial on her blog a few months back on the pinning of these cuties. I need a hand sewing project for the train on Wednesday. I had started english paper piecing a double wedding ring- what a mess. I have 23 fqs from a sale at Connecting threads all springy colors so I decided today was the day and I was going to print a couple hundred apple cores for the ride. Yep that's me, the insane one :)

So that's what I've been up to - taking my new camera to Buffalo and hope to take some more amazing pics at the Botanical Garden.
I'll post them to my other blog when I do.

Monday, May 11, 2009

You Tube fun.....

Marge from Delaware Quilts had this on her blog

I got this one a few weeks ago- a T Mobile commercial shot in one of England's train stations- awesome- reminds me of the improvs that happen all over NYC.

Grand Central Improv:

Once Upon a Time

I was a good blogger. I would blog at LEAST once a week and not be too busy to blog for almost3 weeks. In my defense I've had nothing to show quilty wise :( Mostly I've been working in the yard and gardens. With hubby gone and a lazy teen for a son , someone has to do it.....and that someone is me.
This weekend was the first a sewing machine has been on since Bonnie spoke to my guild last month. *SIGH*

I also need to finish a mystery wall hanging that I've been writing for one of my yahoo groups. I had planned to do it way earlier and send it to Paula from Coffeetime Studios and well got in the way. Never fear Paula the mystery is this weekend and your box will be on it's way. Here's a peek at the fabrics I chose with you in mind.

Hubby is in Buffalo and comes home every 2 weeks and I try to pack a box or two a day for him to take back and un pack so when the move comes (in about 11 weeks) it will be pretty much the kitchen stuff and furniture.

During my absence I received a blog award from Marge of Delaware quilts. Thank you so much Marge. I read so many interesting blogs (when I can) I can't just pick one- so if you're reading this, consider yourself awarded an interesting blog award.

I have been uploading pics to my other blog, Kim's Flowers. That blog is easy- upload pics, no need to find something to say- the pics say it all pretty much. :)

Well I have a quilty day planned for today and I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. I did after a rough start but all's well that ends well as they say.......