Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Still Stashbusting :)

I've been working on the hsts and more pineapple blossoms :)
If I get done what I cut out tomorrow, I'll have only 7 more blocks to make then I get to worry about borders. I so love these Jelly Roll thingies from Connecting Threads. Look: I've already made one from the strips hubby ordered me :).
Not sure if I should just keeping more for a throw or just keep it as a wallhanging saving the rest for a quilt...hhhhmmmmmm.

I missed Leah's birthday :( We should all go wish here a belated Happy Birthday :)
She does great scrappy quilts too.
She, Paula, from CoffeeTime Quilts and Meloney are all testing a mystery for New Years Eve. I'm shopping stash to see what I need. The designer they are testing for always has the nicest, beginner friendly designs. So if you belong to any of the groups Ann Smith belongs to, you know what I mean. If you don't you need to join a group and join in the fun.

Tonight we'll draw a name for a prize for my 100th post and I'll email for the address if I don't have it already.

On the accident front, Allstate is "supposed" to be issuing hubby a check this afternoon for the car. Then I want it off my property pronto. Kinda like what they did to me with the tow yard ;)
Now to worry about medical bills.....once I see how much they are, I'll get back to Traveler's for the bodily injury offer they made. But I'm so glad both of the mosters are ok. Any extra $ wil be a bonus for them.....

Iron's beeping again time to press more pineapple corners


Sewbaby said...

I love the Pineapple Blossom that Mama's Cotton from Connecting Threads?

Great Job!


Kim said...

Yes Traci it is. I sent hubby to buy more of the other ones I'm using for my sister in law's bday quilt and he knows how I love the 30's fabrics so he bought me a bunch. I finished another one today. I think 3 rows across and 4 down will make a nice throw for me. Hope I have enough- or I'll have to cut into my growing stash of 30's :)