Sunday, November 25, 2007


Judy, at Sunshine Quilts,has a challenge for us to report this week how we're busting our stash and what we're doing to avoid buying more...gulp.

Like Leah I have a couple weird sized flimsies that need backing and a simple width of fabric isn't quite big enough :( So I have a stack of no longer desireable fabrics that will be chopped up into the ever popular 10 1/2" squares tomorrow and Tuesday and pieced into backings for 2 wall hangings. I will need some distraction from the main project of the day which I will blog about tomorrow when I get step 2 done. I did step 1 tonight during commercials of Desperate Housewives....
I also have to see about getting ds's passport pics taken after school and hopefully Tuesday getting the paperwork together to apply for it for him.

We had a family party for my sister's bday here tonight and my sewing stuff is everywhere but in the sewing will take a day or two to get it back to the mess I like. I have all the blocks from Marge's mystery still in a pile on my sewing table waiting to be laid out and pieced together. I might just put them in a container till after the holidays, if it's truely 50* tomorrow I may finally quilt the quilt on my never know.


Mel said...

You like to create suspense, don't you? LOL
It is 30 degrees here, that is not what Texans like!!!

JudyL said...

Can't wait to see what you're working on. It will feel good to cut up that no longer wanted fabric and use it for backings. You're finishing projects and busting the stash! Good for you!!