Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Did you miss me????? :-D

Granda was afraid I'd lose a pin or needle at her apartment, so cathedral windows was not happening. Luckily I brought along a moda tin and the large yoyo maker. :)
I had told Leah that I store all my yoyo's in a quart mason jar so here's the jar after this weekend's addition. There are close to 100 of them in the jar. I saw a HUGE gallon jar at the container store a few weeks ago and I think that would be a great storage size for yoyos.

DS,Dad and I had a great visit with grandma this weekend. I think her health is failing. She seemed so much more frail since I was up in September with DD and dad before I went to Cooperstown. She will be 88 next March. I pray she makes it that long. But she's having problems catching her breath doing simple things and talking how tired she is.

Here was our clue that ds was bored at each meal..

Don't you love the print of his sweatshirt??? All gasmasks in a camo design! The hood even had eye holes in it-lol!

Other than dealing with the insurance companies over dd's car I've done next to nothing since I got back Sunday. In having Allstate for almost 30 years we are getting screwed BIG TIME and it's time to hire some outside help. I mean one of the guys from the other drivers insurance had me in tears by 9:05 am yesterday. And it takes alot to make me cry. But talk about putting a damper on your day . I always thought that your insurance company would fight for you but this so isn't the case. I think they are both working together to get the smallest amount they can to settle with us with is 30% less than the car is worth.blah......

Any how I did manage to make the pinepple blocks as a mindless sewing of pieces. Out of three jelly rolls I managed to make 21 blocks and have all the sashings to join the blocks except 6 long pieces to join the rows together. Hubby sweetie, he is ordered more :P cause I can't buy fabric till next fall-lol. I did the 12" blocks and finished 42 of them. With all the sashings it's going to make a HUGE queensized ( closer to king)quilt. So Mel will have something to do this winter unless I really do hand quilt it over the winter. One never knows. But I guess we'll wait till after the holidays and figure it out. My job today is to clean the sewing area up and clear the table to start trimming the king sized quilt Mel quilted for me and get the binding sewn on. A quilt of nothing but 2 1/2" squares- 45x50 of them. GASP!
Well I need to start thinking of a prize for my 100th post......I'm sure something will come to mind. Especially since I need to dye more fabric soon. Hopefully next week after the confirmation is all over.


Joan said...

That is the sweetest smile on your grandma. Great, great pic. I love the yo-yo's in the jar.

Mel said...

Love the family photos.
But, you didn't tell us what you would do different on the rug.