Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bonus HSTS = Flying Geese part 2

This morning I was sewing merrily along with my bonus hsts. NOT putting the 6th row together with sashing like I should be doing. Just playing *VBG*. I have 8 rows of this done, it will be a wall hanging about 3' square. Cute huh?

All the while I'm trying to play hubby's pacing the house. He wants to go to my least favorite store in the whole world, you guessed it Walmart aka Wally World. I stall making more rows of the flying geese and pinning them together and finally he shuts off my machine - the nerve! So off we go, a few hundred dollars later. Many Christmas presents, food items and stuff I didn't think we needed we 're back and I started beef stew for dinner. Perfect for the blustery day we're having here in NJ. Starting to smell great too. But I managed to get some pics upladed from the confirmantion last week and some quilt blocks. Instead of having space for a nice quilt block wall to work with, I lay everything out on my bed and snap pics of the layout and upload them to the computer and open the pic of the section I'm working on. Sew it all together, open the pic for the next section, etc etc. Cool and works for me.

So this is from the 30's pinapple blossom leftover hsts. Now you didn't think that I would do the same thing with these as the fall ones did you??? I'm surprised I'm repeating the pineapple blossoms to begin with. One of my neighbors fell in love with the blocks she I might not be keeping the throw when it's done. But as I finish the last 5 blocks this week on the fall quilt and the rest of the 30's one, I will be trimming to size the leftover hsts because my back let me know about it yesterday trying to do them all at once.

I got all the stuff needed to dye fabrics in from the garage ( which needs some major tlc in the organization department- might be a job for Black Friday) to dye fabrics this week. A few more rows of stitching and this chick is taking a nap for an hour or two. Most likely reading a quilty magazine or book.


Kate said...

I love the leftovers! What a terrific bonus to making the first top!

Sweet P said...

Your leftovers are looking great. I agree with you on shopping at Wally World. I refuse to go there anymore now that we have Target nearby.

Faith said...

I love the colours it's amazing what you can do with leftovers