Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few Buffalo Pics

The Botanical Gardens

Forest Lawn Cemetery

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Bachert grave

Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House

Thursday, June 25, 2009

back from buffalo

I took hundreds of pics the last few days- spent 12 + hours on assorted trains today.
celebrated 20 years of marriage with my best friend ( yes dear even after Wed you're still my best friend :P)
having a glass of wine and calling it a day....tomorrow I need to check on my gardens and Cliff. The other kitties greeted me at the door :)
but the question of the day is......
why the ac was on in the living room with the dining room windows open.
Something to ask the boy later today.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vice President Quilt

Is this an amazing quilt or what? I had the pleasure of going out to lunch with my Big Sister/ friend Elaine today. Elaine was the person who made my quilt from the Brownstone Quilters. It's a custom of the guild to make a quilt by the past president/vp for the new ones by the end of their term. Now that I'm done, I get to make one for Donna who is now the VP. Design done in EQ now to gather the stuff and have it ready for after the move to start.

Blue and white is such a classic combination and perfect for me. I will treasure it always. Thank you Elaine and Brownstone members for a wonderful momento of my term.

Lovely label with the Browstone Quilter's logo.

now check out this awesome fabric used for the backing-love it!

june 17

Working on editing pics from the state quilt show last week. PC is not availabl till the new monitor comes- I hate working on editing on the laptop.
But here's a pic of one of my fav quilts from the show-lol

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NJ Quilt Show- Brownstone's Display

Our raffle quilt

The guild display of 25th anniversary challenge quilts.

My favorite of the group, Maureen's.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What's in the Box? This is what's in the box

Only Paula knows for sure.
Months ago we said we'd trade boxes of goodies for opening day. Of course my box was late- real late. Like I finally mailed it Saturday morning before the guild luncheon. But it arrived in NH yesterdsay. So tonight at first pitch of the Red Sox vs Yankee game we'll be opening our boxes. I can't wait to see what goodies are in there. Thanks Paula :)

OH my I'm so spoiled by Miss Paula.
Just look at all the goodies. I love the blue baseball fabric- great choice. LOL Dominos are a fav here in the house. I'm sure the Met fans won't appreciate playing with them. THere was one more piece of dark chocolate but that's my most favorite and I just had to munch on it while uploading the pic.
There's a bag to fill with rice and herbs for when you're sore- a cute wallet and pincushion, a great magnet that says Jesus Always Welcome and a small letter K. Thank you so much Paula. I hope you enjoy your box also.


Even though I wasn't blogging regularly for awhile, I was busy sewing and have some pics to prove it :)

I've been working on these crazy blocks for the past few weeks. I'm actually adding row 15 of 30 in the pic which I finished last night. Problem is I don't think it's going to be long enough and I had to draft more rows for the top and bottom. I will eventually hand quilt the very distant future. This is the second summer I'm working on it. *sigh*

I need to applique this to a background fabric- add borders and sandwich to get ready for some hand quilting to and from Buffalo in a couple of weeks.

Left over blocks to make a wall hanging .

If you see this book and the ruler, BUY IT! Lots of fun projects in it and the ruler is a great fun tool to work with. My friend Lacey is published!!!! I can't find her blog but it can be ordered here:

Here's mine on the back cover :)

Here's the actual sample hanging on DD's lime green walls. Oh we're so proud of DD she passed her state board exams for cosmotology!!

Here's our resident chicken shit who woke me up because it as thundering at 3:30 this morning :(

But I got up and made muffins from Susan's blog. Chocolate chip..yum.

Monday, June 08, 2009

The New Yankee Stadium

When you come in one of the entrances you walk into the Great Hall. Full of banners of the Yankee legends, and there are alot of them, Mantle, Ruth, DiMaggio just to name a few.

Yogi's banner

Last year for the All Star game being played at the old Yankee Stadium MLB had these statues done in all the team's colors and they were all over NYC. After the game, they were auctioned off- I guess the Yankees paid alot of money to keep theirs.

After we did our little shopping for my pin and shot glass we started up the ramps towards our seats to see the Museum and we saw on pic to read the

If you're not sure of where your seats are in the new stadium, there are hundreds of employees walking around with these cute signs. We wanted to find the Hard Rock cause Kim collects pins and shot glasses from all the ones she's been too.

It's a pretty photo heavy blog now so I'll continue with the museum and the game next post.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pay It Forward

I've played Pay it Forward before and loved the little gifty Paula made me. Cathiwas needing some more to join hers so of course I did. Now I need 3 people to join mine.
The rules are as follows:( I copied them from Cathi's blog)

I must make and send a handmade item to the three people who join my PIF within 365 days;

In turn, the three people who join my PIF must also host their own PIF and ask three people to join and on and on;

There are no set times other than the gift must be made and sent within 365 days of hosting your PIF.

If you're interested in joining in, please tell me in a comment that you would like to join my PIF.

Bison Baseball in Buffalo

One of the first things we did this trip in Buffalo was take in a Bisons baseball game. Gotta love $8 tickets to sit in great seats.
The Bisons were the Clevland Indians farm team till this year when the NY Mets bought them. Of course on a Thursday afternoon doesn't matter where your seats are you can sit anywhere cause no ones there. I hope it gets more crowed once school get out up there.

Of course the game was the Bisons vs the Clippers - Mets vs Yankees.

Willy Mo Pena- was he a Red Sox before? Hubby thought so.

Kinda cute- never saw pretzels shaped like this at games.

The conehead beer vendor.....

Here are the mascots....ok with the Buffalos already people.

Love this sign even if it is in Met's orange and blue-lol
I'm sure Paula can relate- Jeanne too.

The Sabre's hockey rink is being torn down now that they have a new one.

What a pain in the butt that is- little black specks of something flying around in everything-your hair your beer....looked like little pieces of the stuff on roofing shingles. The rink also known as the Aud is going to be completely ripped down this weekend. Yippee!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

still alive

back from Buffalo a few weeks ago- lots going on- end of school year for both kiddies. DD is graduating cosmotology school in a couple weeks...then I need to buckle down and finish packing....

I have a wall hanging for Paula to finish binding ( I got the hanging sleeve on today) and the Burger Queen mystery to sew the binding down and go spend a ton of money in the post office mailing lots and lots of packages.

Tomorrow I need to upload the pics from my camera from the buffalo trip and tonights Yankee game. They lost :( so I guess that makes them tied with the Red Sox for first place in the AL East.
Guess what player managed not to do much of anything except hit into a inning ending double play with men in scoring position???
The new stadium is AWESOME !!!!

But here's a pic of my ocean waves in good light on the bed in Buffalo...