Friday, May 30, 2008

The Weekend - Yippee!!!

Now that the GS quilts are finished and I have some free time on my hands - well till Monday when I start arranging baskets of goodies for the auction for my guild's anniversary luncheon, I started playing with my embroidery machine.
See , Gypsy Quilter,has been making these lovely kitchen sink quilts lately. And I have all these 30's prints left over from my Cathedral Windows I finished in April. So I figured I'd better start cutting them up and get sewing. So I've been appliquing butterflies on one machine and sewing 4 patches on the sewing machine. Oh I got the Viking back from the spa today and it's sewing so much better Yippee!!!

I'd like to thank everyone on the kind words for the Girl Scout quilts. It was a labor of love and the girls and the cookie mom really loved them. I just wished all of them could have made the last meeting *sigh*. But at least they were all delivered....

Oh, time to trim the blocks for the next butterfly.....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's all over :(

One didn't make the meeting but all were touched by their gifts

I'm all ready for the party :)
Like that lime green bag??? It's the exact color of DD's walls in her room....I dyed her fabric to match.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Sales - stash report

Yesterday I had to cover 8 hours of working a concession stand for DD- this after covering 9 hours of babysitting. Needless to say the girl owes me a week of Vanilla Lattes :p
But I went to Joann's to buy a border fabric for the GS cookie mom's quilt I decided to gift her with and saw books were 40% off
I had to buy some-lol
So I bought 3 this one,this one and finally this one .So much to read and absorb.
But I did finally finish all 6 of the Girl Scout quilts and put labels on them. Washed them and tomorrow will buy gift bags and tissue paper, as a troop we have almost $500 left so the girls are all getting visa gift cards and I'm ordering lots of yummy food for the party, shrimp to be cooked ala Pioneer Woman Doesn't it look simple yet yummy???? Sushi and a few bottles of bubbly so everyone can have ONE glass to celebrate.
Prom is less than 2 weeks away- room at the Jersey shore is rented for afterwards. Alterations are done on DD's dress. Oh and her Dad is letting her out of the house dressed like that :P. Graduation party invites are mailed. Present ordered( she wants the green one). I even ordered the smaller red one for myself as a bday present :p. Plus we're giving her the car she's driving as her own. No more the car is in your dad's name it better be home by XX. Please pray for our sanity on this one :D
Well laundry needs to be switched....
Oh I bought 2 yards of fabric and finshed 2 more 5x7' quilts plus backing and bindings....I'm sure I'm ahead of the game at this point. Just thankfull to have them all done on time

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I hope everyone is enjoying their long holiday weekend.
I'm stitching labels for the Girl Scout Quilts to sew down tonight when I watch my brother's monsters. I need to bind my daughter's quilt ( why are our children's quilts the last ones finished?) and hopefully get the labels all sewn down tonight and I have one more quilt to quilt for the mom who did cookies all these years. Won't be the end of the world if not finished in time. She lives about 1 mile away.

Hubby is interviewing in Buffalo, NY next month. Lots of mixed feelings over that one. And who wants to deal with 200" of snow????
I can't make myself crazy over it till we find out if he gets the job or not. My son is flipping as he's going with us like it or not as a sophmore in HS. DD gets to stay here for school since we've paid a huge deposit already. She'll live with my parents.

There is a guild that meets where hubby might work so I should be able to make some new friends quickly. ( I hope).

The Yankees are playing poorly lately :( not that I've had time to watch them with all the drama of senior year of HS and the end of GS. Not to mention the 25th anniversary luncheon for the guild 2 weeks from today....maybe watching 3 monsters will be a break in disguise :)

Take time to remember the reason of Memorial Day -hug a Vet if you know or see any.....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Once Upon a time.............

I had time to actually sew. I have 6 of the 7 Girl Scout quilts quilted. I just need to do the binding tomorrow. Sometime in the next day or 2 I need to load the last one and get it quilted. It's actually for the mom who's been a great help in my 10 years of GS here. Next Wednesday is our last meeting besides the Gold Award ceremony. Kinda sad actually.

Since Mother's Day I've been pretty sick and it wasn't till Thursday that I felt well enough to do anything and I ended up packing to go to PA for a funeral. My favorite uncle died a week ago here in NJ and it became a major ordeal with an autopsy etc. My poor cousins having to deal with all of that. So that was my weekend.

But the highlight of my week was coming home to find a package from Joansie with 2 pair of knitted socks. Joansie has a pic of both pair here. Aren't they awesome?? They're so comfy-

Then I sent an email to my guild by mistake and complained about some of the attitudes and boy oh boy the fall out was priceless. All's better for now- well until the president reads the email and calls to ummmmmmm give her opinion- yeah that's a pretty diplomatic way of putting things. :p But I ran the board meeting tonight and we actually got out on time - which is a small miracle in itself.

But for quilting I got nothing done. No fabric came in and none went out so it was a wash. But I did order a couple of patterns from Sew Thankful this morning :)

But i need to make a quilt like the eq drawing for a baby due in July. But I'll probably make it nice and scrappy. Not all blue and white as shown

Monday, May 12, 2008

Catch Up

I have 5 of the quilts done for the girls now. Completely quilted and bound. One on the frame quilted needs binding. This one is an old one from a challenge but the post needed a pic

Sunday I woke up to bronchitis (sp?) lovely huh? I've managed to pull something in my ribs and shoulder with all the deep coughing. Because of my blood pressure I have to take certain kinds of meds and this was a new one that is working great.

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day- I had about 20 for brunch and lived to tell the tale.
Today was spent drinking fluids and sleeping on and off. I have a fever and go from freezing and piling quilts on me to hot and kicking them all off again.....

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Moving Right along

Getting ready to load quilt number 5 of 7 to the frame.
#6 top is made and the rows of #7 are made. That might be a job for the weekend.
I think tonight I'll start running the embroidery machine and get the labels made.
Going to be a beautiful day here - not too hot about 75*.
Too bad the hammock isn't set up :p

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Goodies from Quilt Show and Stash Report

A different rug pattern- each rug uses 7 1/4 yards - where do I sign up???

Some hand quilting stencils and a few fqs for a applique class. It's repro design and hubby silly man wants the wall hanging to be the same as the pic on the
pattern :( I'm not big on repros

A couple of purse patterns and nice leather handles for purses. One pattern uses the 2 1/2" squares ( great as mine are breeding again) and the other the 5" charms :)

Isn't this a great template? It's a giant tumbler :) You get 2 tumblers from a fq. And who doesn't have fqs or more of fabric we have no recollection of buying????

Lastly I bought 4 1/2 yards of blue to make this pattern that one of my guild members designed.

So lets see, we've had 4 yards of border and binding fabric in
4 1/2 yards of snuggler fabric in
15 yards of muslin for backing in (90")
3 fqs in

We've used 4 yards of the muslin and 4 yards for borders and binding.
Yikes that leaves me in a huge hole.....but the muslin and border stuff is getting used as I finish each of the Girl Scout quilts. I have 3 quilted
1 waiting for trimming and binding
2 with binding sewn on and down
2 tops
1 with borders ready to load tomorrow morning
and a box of blocks waiting for it's turn.
All the binding is made and borders cut

Not the best report but it's the worst one in awhile-lol.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Local Quilt Show

One of the local guilds had their quilt show today and tomorrow. A few of us drove up to see it and shop. Other than a few fqs- templates, purse parts, patterns, hand quilt stencils. The only yardage was for a jacket - does that count??? My qps is nuts. In the middle of 684 ( a 4 lane each way highway) it said I needed to make a left :O

I'd love to make one of these with book titles embroidered titles on the spines

Blue and white is a favorite classic of mine

Best of show happens to be one of my guild members *VBG*

Now I love ,love this quilt :) Since I have a rolling cart of 2 1/2" squares I bet it won't even make a dent-I'm thinking cream for a background.

they had a picasso challenge for the guild. I should start my guild's challenge for next year :p

Amish Mavrick stars- looks like a fun quilt :)

Is this not an awesome quilt as you go quilt???? One of the members is sending me the pattern to start one....I'm so excited :)

All and all a fun day :)