Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bonus HSTS = Flying Geese

I want to be Leah when I grow up *VBG*
That girl is so focused it gives me a headache to think about it. The other day she got her connecting threads order of fqs and she has cut all the strips, pieced the blocks- pieced the blocks into a top and basted the whole quilt already *gasp*! I guess that makes me a slacker-lol. And she also trimmed all her hsts and started sewing them together also. Which made me trim my hsts that I had up until this point( and my back is letting me know about it) and then I started playing. This is what I came up with- flying geese. I really like it and will start sewing my hsts together as a leader ender while I finish the last 7 blocks Monday. I've been working on adding sashing to my blocks- that's it!!! She didn't do sashing!! I'm not such a slacker afterall - makes me feel better-lol.

But I'm going to a holiday event with hubby tonight and need to clear up the table for the kiddies to be able to eat dinner tonight.

They're calling for the first snow tonight!! Flurries but still the white stuff- Christmas shopping yesterday and snow tonight! Yikes!!!!

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Leah S said...

Here's my secret... I don't trim the bonus HSTs. :D Nope, never. I did it once and hated it. So I figured I better put up with slightly off blocks than just throwing them away. So yes, I'm a slacker too, no sashing, no trimming. ;)