Friday, November 16, 2007

I joined a quilt along :)

crazy mom quilts's blog started a quilt along this week. Like a sampler. We get a new block each week for 12 weeks and then we set how we want - cool huh? I made 2 just so I can have enough to make a throw.

Here's one of the blocks I made for this week's block.

and here's the other.

I went Christmas shopping with the girls of the family. My mom, sister, sister in law and dd. I'm bored with shopping in a couple of hours even when I'm alone, power shopping store to store. But waiting for everyone to check out and decide where to go next...blah I have no patience for it.
But we all got our pic taken with Santa DD and her gf's are all doing this weird thing and she conned Santa into giving her 2 thumbs up for this silliness *rolling eyes*


amandajean said...

your blocks look great! and a nice idea to make 2 at a will make a nice size quilt at the end.

Faith said...

I love your quilt block what a great simple idea!! ho ho ho I love that santa photo too it made me smile x

Kate said...

Looks great! I think I will join you in this. I think a block a week is perfect!