Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Helping Katie Bust some stash ;)

My guild buddy, Katie, is making one of Bonnie's patterns in all Christmas strips! And she was kind enough to give about 20 2 1/2" strips to make a wall hanging/ table topper for a Secret Santa gift.So since I didn't have any Christmas fabric and she had lots, I'm helping her bust her stash - I need to have this all quilted and bound and packaged ready to mail a week from next Monday :O . I plan on basting it tomorrow and the bonus flying geese wall hanging from my other pineapple blossom quilt ( which still needs 3 more blocks made do to some MAJOR boo boos I made yesterday :(. Hopefully that top will be completed tomorrow. Or Thursday morning at the latest.

Any how, I plan on hand quilting this wall hanging while the men watch the boring football games on Thursday. I'm charging the 'ol ipod and will be good to go.

I haven't done much of anything the last few days as I've had a major migraine. Want to know a secret?? If you forget to pick up the medications last week and don't take them for 5 days- some of them cause migraines when missed!! Hopefully after 2 days the dr said it should go away but I should sleep as much as possible- cool huh! She said sleep in a dark quiet room- wonder what hotel I should check into-lol.

This weekend I will dye the fabric I promised my winners as it's been a wash of a week. First thing tomorrow I plan on sewing my 2 quilt along blocks together I cut out this morning before I went to Katie's to pick up a couple more strips. OMG! She inheritated a bunch of early 70's fabrics from a friend who's sister died. We had so much fun going through the boxes and boxes of "stuff". I mean the muslin was so "nasty" for a lack of better word- I don't like sewing with muslin now- that stuff was rough to the touch- so many panels and pillows- remember the front and back printed sew together and stuff??? She had Strawberry Shortcake and friends, Holly Hobby ( I loved her as a girl reading the little House on the Prarie books) Smurf and Smurfette- we laughed and laughed. If I am to die, hubby's calling Katie too!!! At least she'll get a juki and grace frame out of the deal-lol.
But it's so sad all those blocks and things that never got finished.

I wonder if Leah, the wonder girl finished her quilt ( I bet she has).

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Leah S said...

*whistling innocently* Come on, pineapple blossom is so much fun, how could one not finish it? :)