Friday, November 23, 2007

Definatly a Quilty Day

First off I've been working on a 30's pineapple and blocks for the Girl Scout quilts as a leader/ender. Since I only have 6 girls registered I'm making 6 blocks at a time. Getting to point A - doing the pineapples and then pressing everything- getting to point B and so on and so on. I have almost 30 blocks made already. Only 150 more to go. I have 10 color ways made so that would mean 3 of each in each quilt and then borders. I feel so much better to see progress on these quilts instead a bunch of pieces in a container.

I received mail from the quilting pirate, Toni OMGoodness!!!! tons and tons of squares all look to be bigger than 2" so you know what that means right???? Another scrap quilt is in my future. How cool is that???? I'm thinking that patches and pinwheels on Quiltville which kinda the same as the quilt on gypsy quilter's design's blog look under 10/21's post. I can alternate pinwheels and squares in a square row by row. And since I lost one of my girls from the troop and I'm using less hsts in each block I should be able to make alot of pinwheels from the pile but only after I make what I need first *wink*

But the iron's beeping and I need to put the corners on the pineapples so I can sew another blossom together, that would make 4 of 9 of the 30's one.

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Jeanne said...

What fun it must have been exploring the bag of scraps from Toni!