Friday, July 18, 2008

Once Upon a time

I would start a project , maybe a second one but no more than that and finish them. By hand, piecing and quilting. And those who know me, know that I don't make small quilts 90% of the time 60x84" is the norm for the kids and 80" square is the minimum for a coverlet on our bed.
So today I was minding my own business - looking for some solids to cut for Amish Tumbling blocks as my piecing project for vacation.And a container fell off the shelf full of Diamond Strings Well I need at least another 10 blocks and I'm bored with strings, they make such a mess so I did a few rows including sashing- black cause it frames it so well. Now I need to make more blocks and figure what color I want the cornerstones and whether I want to dye some bright color for my inner border. Too much detail
:( So I started putting things away and found more strips for binding on my pineapple blossom and I found another 6 blocks of another project I was doing ( top secret till top is finished- maybe tomorrow :D ) But I don't want a plain backing for this one so I think I'm going to order a fatback for it but not sure of the color. And I'm toying with silk or wool for a batting. But I want them tomorrow not when I get back from vacation :(. I was informed that ALL of this mess needs to be cleaned up before we leave- fat chance - well maybe if I stop playing for awhile. But I did put all my embroidery threads away and plan on cleaning the machine tonight again and see if maybe it will play nice for a day or two.
SO maybe I should stop playing on the computer and get something the binding on pineapple blossom. Graduation party is the Saturday after we get back.

So, I never got the area cleaned but I have a new flimsy :)


Mel said...

That looks like the ocean. I'm so happy for you, another WIP/UFO. LOL WE brought you to the dark side. LOL

Joansie said...

Ah, come have to catch up to us with UFO's

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Wow! that reaches out and grabbs you. I love it! I love the 3d nature of it and the blues. Darling quilt.