Saturday, July 19, 2008

I got a Log Cabins with Attitude book in the mail today and my yard and half of 30's prints for the borders and binding of my kitchen sink quilt.

I was told/asked to clean my sewing area up before vacation. I have a 8x11' area that holds the commputer desk, book case and sewing table right in the dining room.....

But I found chocolate and my conscience while doing so:

We get these reminders on one of my yahoo groups about cleaning the wheels of our chairs. I never paid attention to it but look what I found today.....gross

Hey if it doesn't pour Monday night, we might see Big Poppi on rehab at the Sea Dogs in Portland. Figure he needs 3 games before they start playing the Yankees in Boston Friday night. The kids are so excited.

I now have 3 quilts in que to quilt starting when we get back from vacation in this order,
Ann's Summer Mystery
Ocean Waves
and Carolina Cross Roads.
My piecing project is the second Yogi quilt for Yogi and Carmen :)
I hope to have it done early in August. Like the weekend of Ann's mystery.

Now that the sewing area is clean, I can worry about packing tomorrow and leave Monday for New England -yeah!!!


Kathie said...

would love to know if you like that book or not.
Which quilt will you make from it?
Did you buy it to learn the technique of liberated blocks?
have a great vacation and hope you get to see the Big Poppi!
Sure hope its cooler up there than here.

Joansie said...

Love the quilt in the second picture. So absolutely gorgeous.

Enjoy your time in Maine. I think the stadium for the Sea Dogs is near Deering Oaks where I used to play as a child.

Can't wait to hear about your vacation.