Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Top finished

I dyed the fabric for the borders a few weeks ago and forgot all about it and left it in the dye for days. I got the most amazing colors in most of it, I do have a few light spots that aren't as pretty. One of my online groups made the blocks and I pieced it together and will quilt it tomorrow to mail to be delivered.

I so wanted to have this done about a month ago but I had to wait for blocks from 2 people and well lets just say the amount of time I waited I could have been finished long ago. BUt the backing is loaded on the frame and I have enough batting so tomorrow now that it's going to be almost 15* cooler and not humid I think I'm ready to get it out of here. I have almost all the blocks to Ann's mystery done and ready for row 8 of 11 tomorrow. I have to finish the tulips very soon too as the person I'm making it for had her third son in 5 years this afternoon. Poor thing the only female in the house- I thought she needed something girly for herself.

I never made it to Joann's today and p/t kicked my butt and I came home took a pain pill and promptly took a well deserved nap :P


Joansie said...

Really nice top, Kim...but then I always say that. Hope that knee is feeling better. It's a slow process but be good and do what the doc tells you to do. :>)

Karen Dianne Lee said...

What a great little quilt. I love the smaller blocks mixed in. Just too cute. Fun how that dying turned out, ha?

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Its really pretty. Great job. And you deserved that nap!