Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sat. Musings

This is part of our sanity kit for the teens while traveling. The trivia game we bought in Portland at some cutesy toy store. San to say the answers are pretty easy- well maybe because I'm a baseball nut. But I did know more answers than both DH and DS - DD could care less but knew most of the Yankee answers....not shown is the GIANT tablet of Mad Libs we have

These lovlies were waiting for me when I got home Thursday...I know I have one of them but damned if I can find it :(

Crossing from Maine to Mass we had to go past the NH liquor outlet. Not really that much cheaper on most things than here but a few good deals but I finally got the last of the Bo Sox wines :)
(Did you see Youk flip when Joba almost beaned him AGAIN last night-lol)

Now how often do you get a gift from someone when you give them a present?? Look what the 16 y/o gave me for making her a quilt *VBS*


Sweet P said...

Great stuff for staying occupied in the car. We haven't tried any of our Red Sox wine yet. I've learned I can't drink wine with the meds I'm currently on so I'll have to wait to have some.

Joba had great control the entire game up until he threw at Youk. I'm not convinced it was an accident. We shall see what happens today!

I see they teams are tied at 5-5 for their year series. We had better start winning!

Joansie said...

Some day I want to see a pic of your collection of quilt books :>).

Very sweet that the 16-year old sent you flowers for the quilt. Nice girl, for sure!