Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Sewing- stash report

So this morning at 4 AM the thunderstorm blew in- very loudly I might add. Moose has a new phobia, thunderstorms :(
Another problem was dd and some friends were camping in the back yard even though they were warned that a storm was coming. What do I know? I'm only the mom. So at 4 I had house guests- great start to the day huh? Now what does one feed 4 hungry teens when I woke them up at 8:30? Pancakes and fruit salad of course. Kicked 3 out by 10 cause I wanted my dining room table back to sew.

I came across these blocks I got as a hostess gift from a group I no longer belong to and wanted to do something with them so I made a flimsy. Couldn't find the pieces I wanted to use for the backing so used the last of my muslin. THen the storms came back and they'll be here most of the night so now it sits loaded on the frame. So now I"m wondering how to quilt the thing....any ideas????
I have a nice grey thread I'm going to use but that's as far as I got.

I fell asleep reading on of the Jimmy Buffet novels for a few hours and now have dinner in the oven :) A real Sunday dinner, Roast Beef and all the fixings. Pay back for waking me up at 4 is murder on DD having to all these dishes later :D

I hope the Yankees and Red Sox get the last game of the series in. Been some good games so far. I managed to get 30 tumbler blocks hand pieced last night and 10 yoyos....and have the same prepped for tonight. Could have done some during the Met game this afternoon, but that's when I fell a sleep.

As far as a stash report for the week, I managed to finish my flag banner completely and this top. But on a better note, nothing came in. So what did I use? 1 1/2 yards??? Better than nothing I guess. Vacation will do that to you sometimes. I ordered a chicken pattern from Nanette for my next project in the banner series :)


Sweet P said...

If it were me I'd use a bright color like red for quilting. Then you could call the quilt Black and White and Red All-Over.

OK, that was a bad joke!

The storms just hit Dover 30 minutes ago. Looks like Boston has had them for awhile. A rain out wouldn't be awful. Might be good for Red Sox to have the night off.

Jeanne said...

Love the new flimsy! Nice Mom making breakfast for the rained out campers.

KathySWFL said...

Love the flimsy!

Mel said...

what about feathers. :)

Joansie said...

Busy, busy, busy...will keep you out of trouble.

The quilt is really nice. Who is this one for?

Sunny said...

This quilt is gorgeous. I need to find those kinds of fabric so that I can make my mother a black and white quilt. Very nice!