Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Musings

Look !!! I started a kitchen sink quilt in my left over 30's prints.It was so humid in the garage ( where the frame is) that I would come in for breaks and do things like change loads in the laundry, start dinner - etc etc.I have quite a few rows to go but you get the idea *VBG*

Did anyone but Paula see that home run derby tonight? WOW is all I have to say- Hamilton hit the back wall of the stadium ,even A -Hole ( I mean Arod :p ) hasn't done that.
And our cable company announced they'll carry MLB network next January- baseball 24/7 OH YEAH!!!

I was working on quilting the tulip quilt and came to the last 16" guess what? The backing was 6" too SHORT So I figure out how to get it off the frame w/o repiining the whole thing - find some scraps of muslin from the last quilt and bring it inside and sew the spare backing to the original backing. Looks great, bring it back to the frame reload it, go to pin the backing and the seam is on the WRONG SIDE of the backing. So now I need to take it off AGAIN.Rip the seam out and resew-reload etc etc. grrr. At least I made some major progress on the flag banner's bapstist fans *VBG* and I got the rest of my star buttons for it :-D

I was taking a pic of the above quilt and saw my dragon- Meet Trouble ( yep that's his name) I got him at the Philley Flower show a few years back. And I got to carry him around all day in my knapsack-lol. We love Philley almost as much a Beantown or Portland. Look what's coming in Sept, The Gee's Bend's Quilts Hubby and I are going to try and go late Sept. on a Friday or something and hopefully catch a Phillies game that night. Have to look at the schedule. He's rather see an Eagles game but I have to draw the line somewhere-lol.

Lastly, here's a quilt from the NJ Quilt show in June. I think this is on my list for sometime this year. But it will be a scrappy 2 color quilt.


Sweet P said...

Josh looked awesome tonight! Too bad he didn't win. :(
The Kitchen Sink quilt looks great!

I see the Yankees are coming to town next weekend. Rumor has it Papi will be back for that series. Red Sox are ahead 5 - 4.

Joansie said...

Darn, I may have to put my sock knitting aside for awhile and go back to beginner quilting. You are such an inspiration.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

How lovely the kitchen sink quilt is. I adore it. I am a dyed in the wool Phillies fan, having grown up outside Philadelphia. My dad used to just live for the summer between baseball and fishing. I miss that!

Candace said...

Your Simply Squares came out great.
I love 'trouble'. We missed the Derby, but from the news reports, it was amazing.