Saturday, July 12, 2008

Love Quilt finished

With allergic reaction I got from something causees major nasties on my hand :( it took two nights to finish the binding on the love quilt. But it is done and will start the next part of it's journey Monday.

Well I decided to do Baptist Fans on my flag banner . I had done 3 rows of stitch in the ditch and it was too ...I don't know not what I wanted. So I ripped out the quilting and decided I'd try hand quilting Baptist Fans instead. Will be a great project while watching the home run derby and All Star game this week. Oh and I got an email from that ticks were still available for the Home Run Derby at $600 a piece- no wonder. Tics for All Star game is close to $1K- WTF?

The beautiful red hand dyes of the love quilt will be the biniding on the flag also since I dyed about 2 yards too many for the project. Plus Mel gets whatever is left over of that and the LIME GREEN left over from DD's Girl Scout quilt. Busting 2 more yards here -lol.

Gotta load a quilt on the frame for today and tonight and tomorrow work on finishing at least one of the other 2 mysteries going, the tulips and Ann's. Then of course Stashbusters is doing one Burger Queen- Have it Your Way. Anyone else doing that???? It says non scrappy backgrounds but I don't have enough cream or white of one fabric....I was going to do red and creams...we'll see. I gotta finish one of the other ones first....enjoy your weekend.


eileen said...

This is really really pretty. And it is always nice to find someone else who does hand quilting. I'm subscribing to your blog, and will be back to see how the fans turn out. :-)
..and going back to see what else I've been missing.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

The baptist fan is going to be great. I love that choice. I'm smiling at all you do - talking about dying your fabric like its just nothing! It is. Its amazing all you do.

And hey, WTF I don't know. I woke up with a WTF today on another front so I'm no help.

My current project called for a single background but I didn't have enough either and that's how it ended up scrappy. I just don't keep that much yardage (3) on hand of any one kind.

Anyway, I'm happy about the choice of the Baptist Fan and I look forward to it! *karendianne/ Living Life at LeeHaven

kathyinozarks said...

The love quilt turned out beautiful Kim, I know she will love it-Oh I am on blogger now too-to keep in touch with my art and quilt friends, I also have a link on my page under my blog list to my multiply also-Kathyinozarks

Joansie said...

Oh, another nice quilt. I wish I were so talented!

Those tickets are for the rich!!! Gee, I hope the local radio station has a contest to give tickets away to listeners.