Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Salem, MA

First stop was the Pirate Museum- very interesting in the stories. I had no idea so many pirates -like Black Beard were real and that their home ports were in New England.

DD and her pirate-

After some shopping on the main drag and right before it started to pour we stopped at Beer Works, a local micro brewery. Food was great- beer was really great. They had over a dozen beers they make on a seasonal rotation. Hubby wants to go back in the fall to try Pumpkin Head

My men *VBG*

Hubby ordered Blueberry Ale garnished with blueberries which acted like lava in a lava lamp , floating up and down till he finished it.

alittle dark- can you see the witch on her broomstick?

Everything in New England is "Wicked Good" or just plain "Wicked"
No wonder I got funny looks for the T shirt I was wearing that was from The Boradway show

This guy greets you in one of the gift shops attached to the first which museum ( not the good one )

I have no idea who's house this is but power walking to the car in the pouring rain and lightening I thought it looked cool and wanted a pic of it.....

We had so much more that we wanted to do, or see , but the wild thunderstorms were just getting into the area and they were going to stay awhile so we took off to find the next hotel near Peabody. Which we ended up leaving early in the morning- just missing the traffic of a very bad accident that happened within a mile of the hotel. Leaving at 8 AM we still got home after 2 PM ( it's supposed to be a 3 1/2 hour trip) with trying to drive in sheets of rain at 40 mph in 65 zones.....and that's how I spent my days in New England


Joansie said...

There are many places in America that I love but I can't imagine living anywhere else. So much history as the first settlers were in N.E.

Glad you had a great time! Blueberry beer sounds interesting.

Rhondee said...

Hi Kim...looks like you had a great time. I love museums and site-seeing so I'll bet that was really neat. Take care.

Candace said...

Your post made me want to go back to New England as a tourist. We lived in RI, but it has been 30 years since we moved away.