Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grandma Cora Finished

Last night at our guild's quilt group I started the binding on Grandma Cora. I intended to finish it during the All Star game. Hell if I had the other quilt trimmed and binding made I probably could have finished that one too :P. Now when the Yankees and Red Sox play it's usally close to 4 hours - but 4 hours and 50 minutes??? I fell asleep in the 14th inning. But the AL wins again-woo hoo!

And this goofy cat sleeps in the center of the quilt on the bed.Like it was made for her.....

I finished the mystery top minus borders this evening- well actually the last row is made and I ran out of bobbins and don't feel like making them tonight so it will be for first thing tomorrow and then I need to go fix the tulip backing and finish that one for before I leave on vacation. I'd love to bind the pineapple blossom and get that ready for my sil for a graduation present. Thanks all for the input on that.

Yesterday I gave Simply Squares to the teen turning 16 Monday as I won't see her again. And she cried -lol. Hormonal girls crack me up.
Love quilt is in the mail. 3 finishes in about a week- life is good here *VBG*


Joansie said...

I think it is great that the 16-year old loved your quilt enough that she would get emotional over it.

Yeah, your SIL is receiving your other quilt as a graduation present. Hope you take a pic.

AverettLadyNana said...

I'm glad I've found another baseball fan quilter. I feel sure you did make the quilt for Miss Kittycat. I know my dog and cats have claimed some for themselves too. As well as my DD & DSL's dog and cats have when at my house.