Thursday, July 24, 2008

Portland Sea Dogs

Good thing we bought our tickets in advance before last week. When the Sox announced Poppi was playing in Portland for the week before the Yankees come to town, tickets for all 3 games this week sold like hot cakes. Looks like we picked the best night to go too....

Retired jerseys of past Sea Dogs that made it to the Red Sox.....

Slugger, the masot of the Sea Dogs, hubby and DD ( DS was being a pita that night)

Big Poppi at bat.

He did well Monday 3 for 4

The Portland Sea Dogs even have their own mini green monster:

And they say Yankee fans are weird :p

I thought it was tough living with a Mets fan :)

All and all a fun family night. We talked to the gent sitting on the other side of DD almost the whole time about Yankees vs Sox and had a ball. He was impressed with my general baseball knowledge like which team The CT team was the minors for BEFORE the trainer came out....I even got to watch the Red Sox beat Seattle everynight this week including Tek's homerun the other night *VBG*

I have a ton of pics for the weekend- I'm almost done with my flag banner's hand quilting and made about 20 tumbler blocks, read the new James Patterson book, Sail on the beach and in the room in 1 day

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Joansie said...

I wish I were still living in the area as I would have joined you. What fun!!! So glad you were able to get tickets.