Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Monday

In a few short hours (8) we're leaving. I just put my ironing board away, packed my tote of a game boy, mancala,yatzee hand held games, a new James Patterson book, my flag banner *VBG* and meds for the next few days in my sewing desk for the car is this :

Also added not pictured is a moda tin and a large yoyo maker. There's parts for over 100 tumbling blocks. Hubby complained that I over pack my sewing (roflmao) but not my clothes. Hey we're going to LL Bean if I forgot it I can buy it. But Paula, I did pack my Tek jersey for the Sea Dogs game tomorrow night!
I bought some card games for the kiddies to play in the room along with the Mad Libs *rolling eyes*
I won't have a bunch of finishes for quite awhile but ....I have alot of parts going which lead to great finishes. Eventually .....


Joansie said...

A girl can never bring too many crafts with her..but then, of course, you can buy more once you are in Maine.

Enjoy your trip!

Jeanne said...

Doesn't sound like too much to me! Have a great vacation and take lots of pictures!

Sweet P said...

I hope you enjoy the game and your vacation.