Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My quilts came home today THANK YOU MEL!!!
Right away I trimmed the Grandma Cora quilt and finished making binding for it and was in the process of attaching when I remembered, I have Quilt As You Like Night with guild members tonight and I knew I wanted to start stitching my binding down. But what about dinner?? I can't meet friends as they're coming later than I need to open :( Then I remembered I had bought all the ingregients for Libby's Tomato Pie . It is to die for. I cheat and mix everything but the tomatoes together mincing my spinach instead of basil( this time) very fine and it's just yummy. So I'll take a slice of that for dinner and some unsweetened iced tea and fruit for dessert and I'm ready to go.

So the Pineapple Blosson in fall colors was supposed to be for my sil's 40th bday on New Years Day, but she just graduated from the school she was going to for medical training to do sonograms, so you think I should bind the quilt and give it to her at her party????


Mel said...

Can't wait to see it 100% finished.
You never can wait to give a quilt, so give on to your SIL. But, what will be her BD gift???? LOL

Rhondee said...

That sounds like a great surprise...go for it.

Joansie said...

I say give the quilt to your SIL for her graduation. There many important birthdays but the graduation is quite special.