Friday, July 04, 2008

The Sox Win (again)

Only 36 games left at Yankee stadium not counting the All Star game. Very sad.....

When I saw Beckett was pitching today- I knew we were in trouble.I mean the man is leading the AL in strikeouts.........

Youk and Jeter :)

This guy, I can't stand - not a team player - it's all about Manny. And if the Boston Globe is right and he knocked that secretary down cause he couldn't have 16 tickets I hope the other players policed him as MLB can only fine a player $500. What does that mean to a player making millions a season? Nothing :(

Jason Varitek Rocks even if he is a Red Sox :P He's tall ( weird for a catcher) dark haired and very handsome . And as many times as I've seen the Sox vs Yanks I can't remember him ever playing as usually after a night game the catcher doesn't play the day game the next day.
What a fun time- 4 grown ups no kids :D it poured big time in the
7th inning and we left. We were soaked to the skin but Oh my we had awesome seats 20th row behind first base!!! Better than opening day. Bud Selig made some announcement at the begining of the game and got booed almost as badly as Manny did everytime he got up :P
Damon got hurt and had to leave the game - and how about that call against Coco Crisp that should have ended the game-lol.
But I did get Paula something to add to her goodies as I don't think we're going to win the year- but you never know *Wink* oh and I guess we went in the wrong entrance as I never saw the Statue of Liberty for the Yankees but never fear, hubby bought a small (?) one. I'll take a pic and post tomorrow....

Boston Pops are on at 10 here- I think it was "87 hubby and I saw the 4th concert on the Commons- awesome- fireworks to the 1812 overture- church bells ringing - cannons being fired across the Charles River. I highly reccomend it if you're ever in Beantown for the 4th.


Joansie said...

Interesting info!!! You haven't commented on A Rod and
Also watching Boston's 4th celebration. Wish I were there!

Sweet P said...

Nice photos from the game. It was a great game. DH and I watched it while having breakfast in bed in Vancouver, BC. Today's game we were able to watch in Whistler over lunch. Tomorrow's game will be snick in between massages and dinner.

Today's game was good. The Yankees are gaining LOL! We'll see about tomorrow.