Thursday, December 20, 2007

we're on a roll

My second finish in as many days. :) This one is a present for the girl next door. She's 6 or 7- whatever age first grade is. I haven't seen so much pink since I was a mgr of KB Toyworks years ago. All from stash. It was an Ann Smith mystery over the summer. I'm going to be making another on in Halloween fabrics very soon for a friends bday. He's the King of Halloween in Tempe , AZ and he's turning 50 in a couple of weeks. It will be late but well loved.

I'm almost done hand quilting another one and then the binidng- will it be 3 in 3 days?? Most likely 3 in 4 days but still a stellar finish to the year. Tomorrow is my quilt along blocks and the mystery from Quiltville segment. Then clean it all up till after Christmas as the weekend will be a baking/candy one.

Lookie, Lookie, my secret Santa box finally arrived. It was so worth the extra weeks wait...lots of books and toys. Little rulers,fray check, bamboo presser thing for paper piecingand that great omni grid folder with the 6" cutting mat on one side and a pressing area on the other -I feel so loved :)

My quilting supervisor- sleeping on the job AGAIN. And on my GMFG no less :( Don't you love that vintage quilt on the rack??? I do :)

Tomorrow hubby has a breakfast meeting in NYC and has to leave before the kiddies are up for school. So he wanted to see the look on DD's face when she opened her bday present from us. He bought her a diamond necklace. He wanted to be the first man to give her a diamond. The girl was speachless- what a change*VBG* for her.


Jeanne said...

Beautiful pink quilt for your little neighbor! I'm sure she'll love it. That's a special gift for your DD, too, and a neat idea. He's setting high standards in gift giving. VBG

Sweet P said...

Your husband is one smart man. Your DD will always know who the most important man in her life is with the diamond.

Your pink quilt is cute. I'm sure it will be well loved.