Wednesday, December 19, 2007

She's Here!!! She's Here!!!!

Oh I almost missed the delivery :O
I was outside in the garage FINALLY quilting this Christmas present and heard the mail truck. Not only did the machine come but the quilting foot I ordered for her came too!!! How cool is that????

Before I could quilt I had to clear all hubby's "junk" off the frame. Rolling eyes-and I condensed a couple more boxes! CLAP! CLAP! I went from 8 fabric boxes jammed packed to 5 loosely packed one, WOW!!!! That's alot of fabric. I found a bunch of quilt patterns I thought I'd lost forever -yippee!!! One I definately want to do this coming year and almost reordered the templates. A savings of quite a bit of money. That money can be used for a case for Ethel instead*VBG*

But alas, I need to go finish what I started in the garage, switch loads of laundry out and maybe I can play tonight or tomorrow with Ethel. This a Christmas present for a 6 y/o girl or I'd be playing now.....


Beth said...

How fun that you got your new toy! They are a lot of fun to use, work great.

Jeanne said...

Welcome to Ethyl! I know you two will become wonderful friends and produce some lovely projects. Hope you get to play with her soon.