Monday, December 10, 2007

Stashbusting report

Lookie,lookie, I used about 4 yards of fabric to wrap my secret santa gifts *VBG*.
I have another half yard piece of hand dyed to go with me to the post office. Problem is, the person is trying to bust stash-lol. So I lose a 1/2 yard and they gain one. Sounds fair to me. I liked that I saved the solid strips from the 30's fabrics and had white and purple for my bows.

I also used 3 yards of muslin to wrap the frame for the second rag rug. I didn't get far on the braiding part as I threw my back out Friday morning. But will cut some more for tonight's tv viewing. Hopefully another 2 yards- but we won't count that.
I have no idea how to figure what I used for Bonnie's mystery. The saddest part of that mystery is all 3 colors I'm using I have yardage of. But soon that will be gone too.

So I will mark myself at 7 1/2 yards of fabric out of the stash for the week. Yippee!!! And I have kona in the washer with synthropol - so there will be more gone next week.


Helen in the UK said...

Very clever use of fabric for the stashbusting! I don't count fabric as 'used' until the project is finished, then I guesstimate how much went into the finished quilt based on size. Love those 9 patches - I'm just starting mine :)

Jeanne said...

Lovely wrapping paper! I don't think the recipients have to count gifts of fabric as accumulation, do they? Your nine patches look wonderful! I wonder what will come next.