Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quilt Finish and Kitties

This is Cliff. He was our first outdoor kitty. He was a matted mess when he first arrived. He is such a sweety but very skitish. Doesn't like to be inside AT ALL. He will let me brush him, cheeck him for fleas and ticks- put frontline on him. Rolls over to scratch his belly. All around sweety. But just don't bring him inside. I never saw a cat cat climb curtains before I brought him inside.
In the summer he around alot, now in the winter he comes in the morning and around dusk to be fed unless it's warm then he sleeps on one of our benches. He and Cyd roam the neighborhood together and pick on Nancy.

This is Nancy...our neewest outside kitty. A small dainty version of Cyd. Cyd at 8 lbs is pretty dainty also but this cat seems to be quite a bit younger. She has the most instense green eyes. (Pic is taken through the screen as not to scare her of DS's lap)

Finally, It's all done. I had originally had this one row bigger but something happened while quilting it and the machine actually ate a hole through the front. There was no saving it. I tried for 30 minutes taking the machine apart on the frame. Off the frame- it was jammed good. I finally cut it out and spent an hour with tweezera and a small brush getting it all out of the "work" of the machine. So I was mad enough to chop a whole row off. But it's still a good size for me to cuddle in my chair and read with.

With the extra strips I made this binding. I love it !!!


quiltrkate said...

I LOVE the pineapple blossom quilt!!! The binding is awesome, too!

Leah S said...

Oh my, both tragic and creative! Glad you got it done too. :) (Now can you give me back my quilting energy? Cuz I'm really sure you stole it! ;)

Sweet P said...

What a gorgeous quilt. The binding is fantastic too.

Elaine Adair said...

The kitties are cute, but the quilt is wonderful!

Kathie said...

great quilt and I love the binding.
The kittie is adorable.
Kathie in NJ too!

Kim said...

I like this pineapple quilt. Very nice work. I have a kitty who looks like your new outdoor friend.

Happy Quilting!