Monday, December 03, 2007

those 2 1/2" squares strike again......

I finally started my grandma cora quilt from one of the yahoo groups this summer. I had all the setting triangles cut already in candy blue kona and showed hubby the finished quilt in the directions. While he likes the baby blue for the triangles he thinks the borders that will be in the quilt need to be am I supposed to do??? Go find a darker blue fabric in the stash tomorrow and see if I have enough - even if it needs to be 2 different dark blues. But I finished the center tonight and will work on the big corners this week along with the 10 other projects I have going. Problem is it finishes 96" :( too big for my frame so I guess I'll have to save my quarters and mail it to Mel ( ready Mel-lol) See I want the bins to close better and I see that others have them so neatly in the boxes or drawers they're stored in and quite frankly I have to many to do that to :(
So I have to use them up so I can sort them NEATLY AFTER the holidays

So here's my spoiled Moose- it was a cold windy day here today. And I have double pane windows so I don't know why he didn't want to sleep on his perch...he's so spoiled-lol


Karen Dianne Lee said...

I really LOVE that block. Gosh I dig it as a matter of fact.

But mostly I love "Moose" being snuggly. He's so funny!

Jeanne said...

Moose looks perfectly comfortable!