Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Stash busting report for the week

Well let's see
1)I cut about 100 10 1/2" squares to use as backings for the scrappy quilts to come.

2) I made my rag rug and am so happy with it I started cutting more strips for another one in blues

3)I'm working on 24 blocks made out of 25- 2 1/2" squares that will also use 25 -
10 1/2" squares ( not the ones from #1) just for the top. I think I got 12 of the blocks done this weekend.

But I can actually see the results, as in an empty fabric container and that just thrills hubby as he filled it with his junk not even giving me time to think about filling it *wink*

I've also been cutting some less than desirable fabrics into strings and strips of different sizes ( mostly 2 1/2") for future quilts. I have a few of Bonnie's quilt patterns in mind and need to work more on the mediums as I go. Tomorrow will be finishing my 25 blocks and cutting the rest of the bigger squares. I want to piece the top next weekend and get it quilted.

Hubby offered twice to go fabric shopping as I need more whites but I was on a roll and declined - I did manage to get him to order a roll of warm and white for me though :) So once these tops are finished I can get them quilted.

I have a question though, you know those lasagna quilts just big strips of fabric.....has anyone used one as a backing for their quilts??? Just something to ponder with the fqs I found in the digging.

I also found about 15 different fruit/veggie fabrics I want to do "something" with.
But most likely after the holidays.....


Leah S said...

I used 6" lasagna strips for a backing once. Six inches cuz that's how wide my long ruler is. :)

kcamou said...

Wow, very impressive! Perhaps one of these days I can be that organized.