Monday, December 17, 2007

Not alot going on today

It was used to do wifey/mommy things -lol
First of all the noreaster wasn't too bad in NJ :)
just alot of ice and wind overnight. Which lead to me getting up around 7:30 to no power *gasp* ! Now I've been begging hubby to switch the treadles - the one I bought from Paula (at Coffeetime Studios) with the one his aunt gave me. I can get the first running easier by adding the leather cord and start sewing- but did he listen??? Of course not, he's a man-lol. So I decided to do some of my Christmas cards- but I did ask before he left for work if he would hook up the gas generator so I could sew. I seriously though he was going to have me committed on the spot :P.
About 10 the power came back on. I nuked my lukewarm coffee- started the never ending battle of the laundry- did all my "chores" and decided I NEEDED to finish my Christmas shopping for my parents and hubby. And I did! Borders is amazing!! The had this huge line when I was ready to check out with like 20 people in front of me, I swear it only took about 20 minutes to walk in the door and walk out. Next stop the local Walgreens for stocking stuffer "stuff" and Starbucks. You NEED lattes to wrap presents. And Christmas music- my ipod only has Christmas music on it for the moment :). 3 hours later I am done, done done!
But I did manage to finish the hand quilting on my scrappy mountains and will make and attach the binding tomorrow- yippee!!!!
DD decided that Moose ( poor Moose) needed a Pirate patch and well.....this kinda says it all doesn't it????LOL

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Jeanne said...

Poor Moose! Maybe he would like a Santa hat instead.