Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Quilt Along Week 5

Moose seems to have decided he's staying. And he will meow and meow till the kids open their doors and pet him. If you do a good job, he will grace your room with his presence *rolling eyes*. He DS is trying out for an appearence- snicker. Moose actually like DS ALOT for some reason. Chat didn't :P . Later I'll try and get a pic of poor Cyd and her stitches. Poor thing is really not liking the antibotics she's one and will do everything she can to avoid them. She's such a petite thing too at
8 1/2lbs.

I finished my blocks this morning. Now to finish 5 more pinwheels in color 4 for the Girl Scout quilts and I'm ready for color 5 *VBG*

Here's block 2 :)


Greenmare said...

I love your blocks! The kitty looks sweet, and so does the kitty's boy.

Jeanne said...

Your blocks look wonderful. Did Moose grace your DS with an appearance in his room?