Sunday, December 09, 2007


So last week I picked the ever popular Sidewinder for winding bobbins. I ordered one online 10/10- my credit card was charged and they were back ordered! What the hell? A million and one excuses but no sidewinder. Last week when in Joann's buying rotory cutting blades ( that went 50% this weekend and I got a credit this morning)I saw this on the counter and used my 40% off coupon and picked it up. The original price is $34.99- kinda pricey it came to $20.99 still more than I wanted to spend but better.
Anyhow this morning when I needed to fill bobbins to continue on with the ever popular 9 patches for Bonnie's mystery by Janome was giving me fits so I decided to break out the sindwinder. It is ALL PLASTIC so I'm wondering how long the gears will last in it but it filed the bobbins well- actually better than my Janome did but it doesn't like connecting threads taller spools so I used my thread stand to help it. Would I buy another one? Probably not and I'm glad I didn't buy one for my secret sister just in case it didn't work as the store manager said that a few have come back with all the hype over it I think I would have passed- let's see if they make a better model in the future.


Jeanne said...

Thanks for the review of the sidewinder. I was kind of skeptical about it working well or lasting very long.

Faith said...

I loved reading your blogs, thanks for telling us about that bobbin winder. I did see some in some quilting magazine and thought to myself mmmmm is this as good as they say it is? I dont think ill be getting one after all as I was skeptical of them too.
Well done in getting the new machine, did you find a forties sounding name for it?