Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My sister and I got new baseball jerseys for Christmas. Much to the dismay of my family I got my fav Red Sox player's jersey :) The captain, Jason Varitek. Sis got a past catain of the Yankees, Thurman Munson. The kids made out like bandits and are out still collecting their loot from other family and friends. It's a great thing that DD is driving as they are out and about. Hubby doesn't feel well :( some kind of bug so he and Moose are snoozing on the couch together :)
So while the house is quiet I will start setting the table and get the dinner pre cooking ready so at 2 I can just start throwing things in the oven and turning on the burners ready to sit and relax for an hour or so.
Can't play with the new backgammon set as DS is out with DD and he is my only worthy opponent. Hubby and DD don't make it challenging enough even if we play a nickle a point.

Look what hubby got from my parents-lol

I hope everyone is having a joyous holiday with family and friends. Please take a moment to remember our service men and women here and abroad protecting us away from their loved ones.


Kathy Wagner said...

Love your mystery gift!
Merry Christmas Kim!

Pat said...

MY husband if a Yankee fan and my two grandchildren are Boston fans. Sometime it gets very noisey here! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you hubby is feeling better soon. There is a stomach bug going around here too.

Sweet P said...

Great jersey!