Sunday, December 23, 2007

3rd Finish in 5 days

GASP!!! 3 Finishes- wow! Not something I want to do again, I do believe I said that with the last Hawaiian quilt I made. This was "supposed " to be a shower gift. I never finished it with the rotatar cuff nonsense so it got laid aside. I embroidered a blanket for the shower instead. The other day packing "stuff" up I saw it an knew it only had a few more hours of quilting. I should have worked on it before I finished the hand quilting on the other one and definatly before all that biniding. My wrist is killing me and I'm back to wearing a brace. for a couple of days and hope it clears up on it's own.

But look what I made this morning for moi *VBG*

All yesterday-13 hours worth of baking with the kiddies - such an adventure
We made lots and lots of cookies and multiple types. One that I let them make the dough for was gingerbread. I had planned to make the roll out cookies but the dough wasn't tasting right so we chucked it out and made ginger crinkles *yummmm*
So to ease my disappointment I embroidered myself some gingerbread cookies instead.

Now yesterday I got a package from the fat quarter shop that had no buyers info only my shipping info ....and a Merry Christmas message :) But look what was in the box

What to make what to I have no clue who sent it but whoever you are , THANK YOU!!!!

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