Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Are we ready for the holidays????

Sew Mama Sew is starting on Nov 1st for 30 days to give us patterns, tips etc for holiday gifts.

Im hoping it's somethings that we can finish in a day or a couple hours...

The men of the house have taken over the big television to watch ghost hunters (aka TAPS) from some hospital in the south- it's on ALL night till really late. Meaning ds isn't going to school- I think I'll make him cut the grass one more time-lol.

Still working on the cathedral window parts for my road trip this weekend.

I dropped out of one of the web rings as I don't think my blog "fits" the ring any more- not quilty enough- there was a poll of x amount of post needs to be quilt related....I'm a quilter and I blog- I think enough of my visitors see that by my without any hard feelings happening later I decided to drop out of one. I mean I love quilting as much as the next person but it's not my whole life if you know what I mean???? I mean there is BASEBALL too *wink* and our families and vacation pics etc. Hell on 360 Force and I had peep wars for lent- 40 ways to torture marshmellow peeps. Yep 40= ways and other peeps stuff- boy I need to save all that before 360 disappers...So I have most of the links I visit daily in my side bar, or there in the stashbusters ring so I'll still be leaving messages when I's just a personal matter at the moment. So it's not to cause problems- just the opposite.

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Faith said...

I loved reading you blogs you always make me laugh and smile.
I hope you managed to get some more squares cut out for your cathedral windows. Men well alot of them dont understand you need to be well prepared with fabrics so
that you never run out.
When my partner comes up Ive trained him to pass me pins and cotton when needed while watching
spookies and ghost documentaries though sometimes I have to remind him where Im sitting when passing the pins lol.