Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday's Question of the day

How many of you read other people's blogs and

A: order the book or pattern cause you love it too or want to read it?

B: Try to reproduce some of the blocks/quilts you see on other's blogs???

C: Sit and laugh outloud at some of them so that your family is considering commitment to the hospital for the insane?

D: All of the above???

I personally fall under D fyi


Sweet P said...

Most often I fall under C. Occasionally I do A or B, but my list of WHIMM's generally overrules another purchase or another project.

Sewbaby said...

I too fall under UFO's and the amount of fabric unfortunately hasn't stopped me from buying.


Pat said...

It is D for me too. I have been reading blogs for several months and I have started my own. I am enjoying it very much.