Sunday, October 28, 2007

Such a bad blogger :(

I've been keeping busy with insurance nonsense all week. Can't go quilt in the detached garage because the insurance people will call hubby at work if they don't get me....but the kids are fine a week later thank God. The idiot was 3 times the legal limit- what a jerk.

But I've been making stars for another 36 patch star quilt :) and working on the Cyber Quilters mystery. Oh and my cathedral windows is starting to look great working on the second half of a king sized blanket ( not really a quilt - no 3 layers-I know)

Tonight is Girl Scouts, the annual carving of our pumpkins- hopefully tonight I can load a pic to this blog for you to see :)

My jelly rolls have been shipped with a new smaller cutting mat that I'm going to try and use on the ironing board - my back is killing me again after 30 minutes of cutting :( I'm too young to feel this old........ but if it keeps up I might consider the surgery they're yammering for me to do- will be not quilting for a few months but if it helps......we'll see.

Good luck to Paula's Red Sox they may just sweep the Rockies in 4 tonight


Sweet P said...

Are you cutting on a table that is regular table height? If so, that could be causing your backache. I use a table that is 36 inches high, about the height of a kitchen counter. I also have one of these mats cashiers use to stand on. That has made a difference too.

2 more hours to game time. I hope they win tonight. I can't afford many more work nights staying up late.

Kim said...

Unfortunatly my table isn't that high :( It's 30" my ironing board is 34" so I think that would help.