Sunday, October 21, 2007

Arkansas Crossroads revisited

Paula gave me the name of the block a few weeks ago, thanks Paula :)
And I've been making blocks as a leader ender project- one of many leader ender blocks I was doing. and I finally finished the 20th block yesterday and thos morning pieced the top.

One block looks like X's and a 16 patch but when you add all the blocks together,
they turn into a chicklet looking block....

Last night hubby and I got the scare of our lives. We were getting ready to go out and we heard a series of crashes- ending with a loud one. I ran out the door and saw DD's car pushed up onto a small hill at the end of the driveway. A drunk driver hit a street sign, a rock wall taking out a mailbox, another rock wall -still dragging the street sign and hit DD who was 4 feet back from the curb. Meaning he went into private property to hit her. Luckily she and ds are fine but are going for xrays for soreness today. The man told the police that he's one about 20 different medication. Add to the fact that he was drinking. I thank God for thier guardian angel that protected them. The police said if the man hadn't hit all the other objects first, at the rate of speed he was traveling and if dd was even with the end of the driveway, she would have been serverly injuried if not killed. Needless to say no sewing got done last night but I was able to spend time with my babies.


Sweet P said...

First I'm glad your DD and DS are OK. What a scary event.

Second, I love your Arkansas Crossroads blocks. They are a great scrappy block, aren't they?

PS - are you watching the Red Sox/Indians? Game 7 tonight.

Kathy Wagner said...

Beautiful quilt...great use of scraps!
So glad to hear that your family escaped injury in this terrible accident. That's incredible!

Helen in the UK said...

Phew - that was far too close for comfort. Really pleased to hear that Guardian angel was paying attention :)

Quilting Mama said...

Your quilt is so bright and just beautiful. A tight budget now has me working out of my stash, the bigger pieces are becoming fewer and fewer so I'm making more scrap quilts these days.

Sorry about your dd's accident, how scary!

Mary said...

Whew! that had to have been a horrible feeling! Glad the kids are ok and hopefully Mom's heart has stopped racing by now! Love the simplicity of the Arkansas Crossroads block, then when its done, the quilt is just stunning!

Jeanne said...

Oh, Kim, how scary for you and your family! I'm happy to hear the kids are fine. Things like that remind us of just how fleeting life can be. God was watching over your family.