Saturday, October 13, 2007

Quilted Diamonds with Linda Franz

Is this the most amazing quilt you ever saw? I thought the Dear Jane quilts were great ( not that I wanted to make one) but all those teeny tiny pieces all HAND PIECED and HAND QUILTED. One day- maybe.

Yesterday Linda Franz was the speaker at our local guild meeting. And she had an amazing lecture and slide show. Really amazing. And I got to see some of Jeanne's from Luvs2stitch's work. :) Very nice Jeanne. I need alot of practice to make my stitches smaller for these pieces. But we do try.

Today was the guild workshop and of course I signed up right away and up till last week we thought I was getting a private lesson but lots of talk from myself and members we managed to get the class up to 12 people which though it sounds small was a perfect sizes as we all had our own card tables to work at and room to spead out. You know how that Linda was a great teacher and I so enjoyed myself. I am so glad I took this class! I never thought that I would actually do the diamonds all those small pieces! Lots and lots of small pieces. But I promised my self I would try.

And try I did. Though the class was off track alot of the day and poor Linda thought we wouldn't get through it all we worked through and got it all covered. And look who was the only one to finish a diamond??? And look Monkey is checking it out. I never did hear the critique.....

Right before we left Russ, Linda's ,wonderful husband took a pic of Linda, Monkey and Myself together. Thank you Russ. And Russ, I did manage to come home with Inklingo 3 even after all the times you packed it away on me.

Now my hubby was just shaking his head as I went on and on about what fun I had and what I learned. His eyes glazed over and I showed him all the goodies I bought.
And he told me buying fabric is so much cheaper ( for him) than classes and all the toys I come home with. Men seriously, lol


Mel said...

That is an amazing quilt. I am glad there are folks like you that are crazy enough to do that type of thing. LOL
Glad you had fun and it was a good day.

Jeanne said...

Love the pic of your diamond and Monkey! What a beautiful block you made. I'm Monkey is very impressed.
I'm happy you enjoyed the class and got some goodies to take home, too.

Jane Weston said...

What a treat! I know I got hooked on hand piecing when I watched Linda's video on QNN. She makes it look so easy! I've done a few triangles, but nothing more exciting than that ;o)

Jane Weston said...

ooops diamonds not triangles! Can you tell I haven't had my morning coffee!!!

Ann Marie said...

That quilt is on my going to make it someday list. I have both the books. So according to Mel I am one of the crazy ones.