Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Day with Hubby :)

Hubby and I drove out to Peedler's Village to see the Scarecrow contest winners and hit a local ewinery. Which the winery must have had a bad year as some of the wines didn't taste as good as I remembered. Or maybe our tastes are more refined
hahahahahahahahahaha I doubt it.

So we did some shopping, had luch together, did more shopping- hit the winery on the way home and called it a day. I put the pics in 3 blogs as it was giving me a hard time with all the pics in 1 blog- enjoy..............

A Picasso :)

This one was made by a local winery name Merlot can you go.....lol

I LOVE Life is Good's shirts etc and I needed to replace my hoodie sweatshirt- and look who was outside the store-

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