Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I lived to tell the tale.....kinda

yesterday we took my monsters and my brother's 2 oldest monsters apple picking in NY state.

Look at that red hair!! Amazing color...both were well behaved. Amazing since everyone else in the family seem to have problems with them.

The trees were full of apples that even the little one could reach :)


I love this pic ds took

After picking all those apples you need some cider and doughnuts, right???

and spend some time in the rocking chairs while hubby and I check out the little store :)

Of course the cutest apple looked like a butt!!!!!!


Jane Weston said...

I've got very fond memories of apple picking as a child! Looks like it was a lovely day out!

Beth said...

Oh what a fun adventure! So inquiring minds want to know, who is who in the pictures? hehehe

And I love that cute little "butt" apple....LOL

Kim said...

My daughter has the black hair, and there is my son
the 2 red heads are mmy brother's oldest 2 girls.
The little one is my God Daughter and the taller one is my husband's God Daughter. I don't put names on the internet of children under 18 - too many weird people in the world.

Jeanne said...

This looks like a super fun day. I can almost take a bite from that apple picture. (not the butt one) LOL