Monday, October 29, 2007

It's happening again......

Even before I finish the 36 patch and stars quilt ( look in the tags) I found another awesome scrap quilt on gypsy quilters blog :
Now if I could ever figure out how to make it clickable :(

Now I would make it 9 patches with the diamonds but still..... I have a billion squares in drawers and drawers of these rolling things and extra hsts of all the colors for the depression blocks....( which I'm finishing #10 of 16 by the way )

But I did manage to stop myself from cutting more squares ( for now) and concentrating on strips for a scrappy weed wacker quilt from Bonnie's Quiltville blog. Of course I begged hubby ( I really did ) to order the rullers to make her new string star quilt and maybe I can work on the strings for awhile and get that HUGE tub under control.....I haven't used it since the retreat last Oct and I swear it looks way more full than I remember it...sigh

Now that Paul's Red Sox have won the World Series,( congrats to them) Moose and I plan on taking the book I won and another book and reading for an hour and hopefully falling asleep by midnight - what a concept


swooze said...

Hot to make it clickable. When you post look at all those little icons at the top. There is one that looks like a sideway green c. Highlight a word or phrase, click on that button (links) then paste the link into the pop up. Easy enough! :D

Faith said...

awww moose is so adorable the perfect cat to model your quilts I really enjoyed reading your blogs I will come back for MORE thankyou for visiting my blog ;o)