Sunday, October 07, 2007

Still amoung the living

I have a break from construction till Tuesday morning :).
So I've been sewing more of the never neding hsts for depression quilts. I'm on number 8 of 16 now. Thank God!!! I'm so sorry I started this pattern I should have picked something , anything else to make 7 of. Oh well.
I also tried a few blocks of the mystery on Cyber Quilters yesterday. Marge from Delaware Quilts did it. I love my color choices and spent the morning cutting more pieces out to work on as another leader/ender project.

I went to put stuff in my rolling sewing machine case for next Saturdys class with Linda Franz and found a TON of blacks and whites in fqs. I mean alot!!! So that was my color choice for the mystery and the leftover red from my son's grad quilt. A large twin quilt from stash :O ...oh my!!!!
Oh back to the class, we're doing quilted diamonds and we need some background fabric and some 6" pieces to work with that play together nicely. I decided on Kona Snow and Amsih solids that I must have bought on retreat last year and then I found another fq of solids I bought on the shop hop 2 years ago!!! Now Beth,
has been working on applique and hand dyes and I have lots of those too (sigh) but think snow and solids would make a cute table topper or wall hanging...what to do , what to do.

Hope all are having a great sewing weekend- I'm trying. And I still have that backing that needs to be pieced so I can load it on my frame....oh oh it's a mess and I have to take before and after pics of that mess for another day. Contractor will be sanding on Tues and I want to be in the garae quilting :) a method to my madness!!!!!!


Jeanne said...

I can't wait to see what you will make in the class. Counting down the days for you.....

Nicole and Phil said...

The quilting is looking great! I love the Halloween inspired ones....we don't celebrate that one!
I don't really understand the baseball video....but that's OK lol!
Looking forward to seeing lots more finished, or almost finised projects!

swooze said...

It sounds like you got quite a bit done in spite of the mess. Just keep thinking what you will have when they are done!